Below is a list of the most recent updates to the Agnew Studio.

Date Update
10/06/06 Added "Updates Button"
10/10/06 Betty Sinclair / Hattie LaMaster Story
11/05/06 Added Jessie Thompson Profile
11/08/07 Added two new photos to "Assorted Agnew Photos" page.
11/17/07 Added two new photos to "Creston Studios" page. Updated Caleb Agnew Bio page with additional photograph and information.
11/18/07 Added "Creston History" Page, with several photos and captions.
11/19/07 Reconfigured "Creston Studios" page.
11/20/07 Added summary listing of historical Creston studios
11/22/07 Added Roger and Jean Ide Gallery
11/23/07 Added Rex Madden photo to Jessie Madden Thompson's Gallery
10/08 Added Sharon Welch Gallery, including over 20 high-quality portraits, including many rare double-exposure photos.
10/08 Added the Foster's Fancy Foto's page to the Features section. Foster's outfit was a studio mounted on a railcar and based in Lorimor, Iowa, from about 1898 to 1920. Foster was not a superlative portrait photographer; however, he did take some interesting shots of local Lorimor, Iowa scenery.
10/08 Added Connie Williamson gallery. This gallery features eight photos (including seven Agnew Studio photos) that span a period of 1900 to 1918. Short biographies of the subjects are included.
10/08 Added about a dozen photos purchased for me in Creston (from Lois Daub) by Jessie Madden Thompson. This group of photos represents a broad array of Agnew poses and subjects and includes at least two photos of gangly adolescents that are interesting primarily for their demonstration of poor technique. Taking portraits photos of adolescents was clearly not Caleb's strong suit.
11/08 Added a section on the Creston Post Office in the Features section. This series contains about a dozen photographs, taken by the Agnew Studio and others, that document the history of the old Creston post office.

The post office, once slated for demolition, was purchased by Phyllis Allen in 2005 (?) and renovated into a scrapbook store called "Maple Street Memories."